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If your family name is Moskaluk,Maskaluk, Moscaluk, Moskaluke, Moskalyuk, Moskaliuk or Москалюк you came to the right spot!  This page is for you.

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Don Moskaluk


Please find  a list of Moskaluk's in Canada, United States, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, and Belgium.  I have tried also to search for Moskaluk in Ukraine, Russia  and Poland.  I have not been too successful.  If you wish to contribute to this page please contact

The following is an explanation of the Name Moskaluk by Alexander Moskalyuk from Bukovina, Chernivtsi, Ukraine:

"The word "moskal" itself meant a drafted Russian soldier, which were quite often located in Ukraine, or Malorossiya, as it was called at that time, with the stem of the word being related to Moscow, where the capital of Russia already was at that time. Currently the word "Moskal" is a derogatory term for a Russian in Ukrainian languages.  But originally that used to be a term for a Russian soldier, or, basically, any soldier drafted to Russian (moskovite) army.

The suffix "uk", "iuk", "yuk", however it's spelled in English, just bears the Ukrainian origin, and so does "enko", "-ko", opposite to the Russian "-ov", "-ev" or Jewish "-ich", "-man"."

Karen Molaski needs help locating identifying family.  Can anyone help her out? 

See message below:

I have been trying to do research on my Granfather. Wasyl Moskalyk-I have different spelling of it of course. I have a letter from 1957 from the "soviet Ukraine" from his brother. He spelled his name Moskulyk. I have my Grandfathers passport. On it it says Wasyl Moskalyk. He immigrated to Canada-threw Halifax nova scotia in Nov 1913. I can't make out any other information from the passport. I think its German. I know his fathers name was Stefan and his mothers name Mary(Tillerisky) not sure of the spelling. He had a brother Nick and a sister Taraskiev. His name was changed to William Molaski when he married/ I find it very difficult to find any information beyond that. I know he was from Snaytin. Austrian Empire. Do you have any suggestions? I have already borrowed the ships passenger list from The Ontario Archives. I searched for many hours =didn't find anything. Any suggestions you would have would be a great help.
Karen Molaski


Panko Maskaluk               

Born August 9, 1889 in Ukraine


Panko also found spelled Pouko Maskaluk once.

Maskaluk also found spelled Moskaluk. Moskuluk, Moskalik, etc. (see list from Ellis Island )  but Panko and family always spelled it Maskaluk.


Arrival records of November 20, 1912 show he emigrated to the United States at the age of 23 thru Ellis Island aboard the " Oceania" that left from the port of Triest, Austria.  The passenger records indicate he was traveling with his cousin Hreyer Wegreniuk both from the Tlumaczek region (near Kolomyja in Northern Bukowina) of Austria (Astro-Hungarian Empire controlled Ukraine).   His lists himself as Ruthenian/Ukranian. 


They were planning to meet a friend, Mikolaj Privosky, who had sponsored them and pre-arranged jobs for them in a bakery in Philadelphia, PA.  He arrived with $25.00 in his pockets.   He left behind his mother "Anna Maskaluk".  I have found no more information on his mother and no mention at all of a father so we are assuming he was dead by the time Panko emigrated.   He is quoted as repeatedly saying he emigrated because he was not going to serve in the German army.


Panko is known to have had at least 1 brother and 1 sister, but we don't know their names.  The brother was known to have emigrated to Canada and was employed with the Royal Canadian Mounted.  My mom remembers him visiting once when she was about 5 was impressed by his uniform.


Panko didn't stay in Philadelphia too long and he ended up on the Ohio side of the Ohio/West Virginia border working for a coal company.  Panko married Mary Martha Marklin on Valentines Day either 1923 or 1924 in Neffs, Ohio.  They had 3 children: Genevieve born 12-1925, George R born October 1927, and Marian L. born November 1932.


Mary's parents were Barbara and Stephen Marklin (also found spelled Markulin). I have 1 photo of them together.  Barbara's maiden name was something like Mascara.  My mom pronounces it like the eye lash cosmetic but we have no idea how it was really spelled.      . 


Panko died in 1932 (his 3rd child, my mom, was born after his death). 

Kathryn Bensinger


Julia Moskaluk 
from Latvia Family History 
June 7, 2006

Firstly, my name is Julia Moskaluk and I am from Latvia. It is the small country near to the Baltic see ( 

My father Nikolai Moskaluk is from Ukraine and my mother Olga Moskaluk is from Latvia. They got acquainted in Poland where me and my brother Jury were born. Then we moved to Latvia where we have been living since that time.

All my father’s relatives live in Ukraine. In October 2005 we went there in order to meet them. While our journey I have got a lot of information about my ancestors. My grandparents live in the city called Belaja Cerkov (The White church) in Juravlykha village. They gave my a book in which was written the historical sketch of the village:
„The Juravlykha village was found in the XV century, by the right bank of the boggy Cicilia river, with cranes living in it’s creeks. Hence the name of the village had become „Juravlykha”(„the crane village”).

On the south-eastern bank of the Cicilia river the military „moskal” (soldier of the Russian army) had settled. As a result, there are a lot of Moskalyiky last names in the contemporary village.”

Using the information I have received i have built a family tree. I know much about my father’s relatives. His father Ivan ( was born in 1930) and mother Anna (1934) are from Belaja Cerkov. Ivan’s parents names were Nikita(1907) and Ekaterina(1909). Nikita’s parents Efrosinia(1889) and Leontij(1885). The name of Leontij’s father was Grigorij,who was born approximately in 1863.

Family History

An Excerpt from Linda Moskaluk Thatcher February 24, 2004,

    My grandfather:  Alexander/Oleksa Moskaluk.  His brother: Andrej/Andrew Moskaluk.  They arrived in the US at Ellis Island in 1912.  I got this from the Ellis Island website  by just entering the name Moskaluk.

    As listed on the Ellis Island website, Oleksa Moskaluk's "ethnicity" was Ruthumian, Austria and his place of residence was Lysyocinse, Galicia. Galicia is a state/province in the Ukraine. He arrived on October 8, 1912, at age 33 from Bremen Germany aboard the ship Grosser Kurfurst. Oleksa had $23 dollars in his pocket.

    Andrej/Andrew Moskaluk arrived  on December 6, 1912 from Bremen, Germany, when he was 34 years old. Andrej/Andrew had $28 in his pocket.

    Both men were sponsored--the only way to get in the country--by their brother-in-law, Kerol Madenko/Metenko at 29 Franklin Street in Seymour, Connecticut.  Their sister Maria (?) had married Kerol.

    I have the passport of Alexander Moskaluk. It lists his residence as Liscecnynce, Zbaraz/Zbaray (the state) in Austria-Hungary. The passport is issued "in the name of his majesty Franz Joseph 1st." My history lessons remind me he was kaizer of Austria-Hungary at that time.

     I also have his ticket receipt that shows his name as Oleksa Moskaluk, with a small circle over the "u" in the last name.  He left Bremen or bought his ticket on September 28, 1912 (arrived at Ellis Island October 8, 1912). The ticket receipt confirms his passage on the Grosser Kurfurst ship. It shows he was going to New York and then on to Seymour, Connecticut. The name of his residence is listed as Lysyczyuce, Ga. on this receipt.

    Family info is that Alexander was born May 10, 1879.  Info on the passport shows his birth year to be 1879.
    Alexander moved to Ansonia, Connecticut, where his wife, Maria/Orekia (Maiden name: Mockawok) joined him the next year. Maria arrived on August 16, 1913 at the Port of New York, Ellis Island from Austria-Hungary.  She was also Ukrainian. Maria was born March 31, 1886.

    Alexander & Maria had 8 children, only three still alive:  Peter, the oldest (died of a hear attack in his 50's), Kate (also died in her 50's of heart disease), Joseph (died 2 years ago in his 80's)--these three children all accompanied their mother from "the old country." Continuing: John (still alive and living in Colorado at last contact), Michael (living near Thomaston, Conn where the family eventually settled), Anne (died 5 yrs ago in her 80's), Julia ("Julia," died in her 60's, and William ("Bill")--my Dad, now 79 and the youngest of the eight kids.

    Mom and Dad live here in Wilsonville, Oregon in their own home.    I just called my Dad and he gave me the following:  Andrew moved to Rhode Island from Seymour/Ansonia, Connecticut area.  His kids are named Harry, Bill and Mike.  My dad has a cousin Bill Moskaluk living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, also with a daughter Linda, who's around my age (55). He also knows of another cousin named Pete Moskaluk, from New Jersey, who served in the US Army at the same time as my Dad, in the 1950's.      My Dad said that when he was little, he overheard his parents talking about relatives in Winnipeg, Canada, but didn't know what/who they were referring to, as he was too young.

    My Dad also said that my Aunt Julie and Uncle Russ never did get into the Ukraine when they were in Austria.  This was in 1967 or 1968, and they couldn't get a visa to get into the USSR at the time (during the Cold War and the Iron Curtain was still up).    My grandmother Maria died in 1952 and my grandfather died three years later in 1955.

    I have one brother, William Jr., living in Savanna, Georgia with his wife Michelle.    I am sure my cousin Barbara Moskaluk-Hunt has a lot more on the family history as she is still in Connecticut.      My Dad joined the Marines in WII, then was called up into regular Army during the Korean War and then joined the Air Force in 1957, so we have traveled around the US and the world a bit (!).    



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